Dr. Xavier Aguilera Roig
Orthopedic surgeon. Specialist in arthroscopic and prosthetic knee surgery
Academic data


Licenciado in General Medicine and Surgery by the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, ​​"Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau," 1989.

Specialties: - "Specialist in Surgery and Traumatology Ortopédica"


- European Title-Ingles: Certificate of Specialist Training in Orthopaedics (England).
- Rotations in Oswestry, Bath, Oxford and Southampton (England)
- From 1991 to 1996:

Resident of Orthopedics and Ortopedia (Senior House Officer):

- Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Mr. Harris, Mr.. Pringle.
- Royal United Hospital, Bath. Mr. D. Dunkerley

Resident of Orthopedics and Traumatology (Senior-Senior House Officer)

- Wexham Park Hospital, Slough. Mr. R. Allumer

Trauma and Orthopaedics Assistant (Registrar):

- Heatherwood Hospital, Windsor (Ascot). Mr. Jones. Mr. Deane
- Southampton University Hospital. Prof. Shearer

Information professionals

- From 1996 to 2005: Enclosed is a specialist in Medical Surgery and Traumatology Ortopédica, Hospital General de Manresa (Althaia)
- From 2005 until TODAY: Medical specialist Enclosed Ortopédica Surgery and Traumatology, Wave Rodilla

the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona. "


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- "Monostótica fibrous dysplasia: a report of a case"

Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Spanish, Vol 46, fasc. 2,

April 2002 190.
- "THA Rodilla of pain with progressive limitation of the move"
Paper contest of clinical cases of residents in Surgery and Traumatology Ortopédica, No. 7

Year 2007
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October 2008.
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- "Rodilla osteoarthritis. Treatment of surgical procedures "
Permanyer Publications.

2007 - Barcelona


- Professor of the School of Medicine. "Southampton University Hospital"

- Responsible for training in Surgery and Traumatology Ortopédica doctors internos (MIR) of

family and community medicine, and rotatorios of the University of Lerida. "Manresa General Hospital."

-Tutor of their doctors MIR Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery. "Manresa General Hospital."

- "Training course for trainers". Institute of Health. 2001.


"Effectiveness of tranexamic acid in prosthetic surgery of Rodilla as Measure of Savings transfusions. Study of a cohort propectiva, unicéntrico with an external control group "    Autonomous University of Barcelona. September 2009

Grants awarded


"Prevention sangrado postoperatorio: Essay unicéntrico clinical, randomized, controlled parallel and evaluating the effectiveness of fibrin glue and tranexamic acid in patients intervenidos ATR"

              As Principal investigator: Start April 2010 - October 2011 final
                 Funded by:
                        1 / "Blood and Tissue Bank of Catalonia"
                        2 / Scholarship -2009: "Clinical Trials independientes Ministry of Health and Social Policy. Grants for the Promotion of

                             Implementation of the traslación Therapeutic Medicines and therapies Huérfanos Advanced "
                         Center coordinates "Cochrane Iberoamericano"
                            1."Time spent in ATR of the round"
                            2. "Study on the administration of heparin to fill in Subcutanea"
                            3. "Visual analogue scale of pain in ATR"



"Prevention sangrado postoperatorio in ATR: Essay clinical multicenter, randomized, open, parallel treatment of three-Brazos, which assessed the efficacy of topical and intravenous tranexamic acid versus the usual treatment of hemostasis"


               As Principal investigator: Start Jan 2011 - Dec 2012 final

                   Join with "Hospital del Mar de Barcelona"
                   Grant of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy 'Grants for the promotion of independent clinical research 2010 "

                   Center coordinates "Cochrane Iberoamericano"
                             1. "Sangrado with differentials in the use of 1 or 2 round prosthetic surgery in primary Rodilla"
                             2. "Study of the Pharmacokinetics of topical tranexamic acid in prosthetic surgery Rodilla"
                             3. "Study" Masimo and HemoCue "


"Observational prospective study, on the efficiency of the unicéntrico round in patients intervenidos pertrocantérica fracture of femur"


               As Principal investigator: definition and Mayo 2011 - Diciembre 2011 final
                    Grant Mapfre
                    Center coordinates "Cochrane Iberoamericano"
                               "Prospective observational study of the level of albumin and its relationship with the hematic pérdidas, the

                               Origin of the patient and their family situation "


"Prevention sangrado postoperatorio: Essay clinical, multicenter, randomized, controlled to evaluate the efficacy of fibrin glue and tranexamic acid in patients with subcapital fracture of femur"

                As researcher Partner: Start September 2012 - end July 2013
                          Code IIBSP-FAT-2011-103.
                         Grant awarded by the Ministry of Health and Social Policy: Call for independent clinical research of 2011 (EC11-341).

5. Study "TRANEXTUM":

"Prevention sangrado postoperatorio surgery in massive resection of tumor tissue: Essay clinical multicenter, randomized, open, parallel treatment of three-Brazos, which assessed the efficacy of topical tranexamic acid versus Evicel ® topical hemostasis and normal"

                As researcher Collaborators
                            Code: IIBSP-EVI-2011

                     Grant awarded by the Ministry of Health and Social Policy: Call for independent clinical research 2011.

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